Best Mini Metal Lathe

The right machine tool for use in small scale manufacturing industry is a mini metal lathe, this machine is used for beginners who will start small to medium jobs or are used for learning. There are so many choices out there lately, from the choice of models and different brands.

This is what we consider writing a review of our mini metal lathe for the best that you can buy this year. Not only that, but you will also know about some of the latest models you can buy in 2020. We hope to read this will Choose a lot the choices are out there and that is what will make the right machine purchase decision.

This mini metal lathe can be placed in a small workshop so that it is simple and useful. However, even though the dimensions and weight are smaller, it can perform important heavy turning tasks, can make tapper, make an eccentric, make a drill, make a machine thread, etc.

At this time, we will present some of the best mini metal lathes that we collect from the market. We also include guides and other important information. We have compiled 5 products, which are considered the best-performing mini metal lathes for soft metals and other aluminum.

The 5 Best Mini Metal Lathes

1. Mophorn B01MCVQ42C Mini Metal Lathe

The Mophorn B01MCVQ42C is one of the best beginner metal lathes you can get in 2020. You can pick it up for super cheap right now, and it’s a very good, high-quality, mini metal lathe that is made of excellent components, aiding in its durability and strength.

Really, the Mophorn B01MCVQ42 is a great product, but there are two reasons why it isn’t in our top two. Before we get to those reasons, we must make it clear that this is a quality mini metal lathe, and it can do everything that the other two can do. But, the catch is, the only component that really isn’t that great is the motor. It seems to have been made quite poorly, and this is a somewhat common complaint with the product. So, while it is a great value, and when it works – which is most of the time, thankfully – it works wonderfully.

However, the motor simply isn’t that good and is fairly unreliable, which poses a problem when it comes to power tools. This is not something that should happen, but it often does, and while we can forgive it for this, that is the ultimate reason why it isn’t in our top two. Yes, it’s a great mini metal lathe, but be wary of the motor, because you might purchase a model that comes with a defective motor. Thankfully, Mophorn will replace it for you!

2. Erie Tools SP2102 Mini Metal Lathe

Our top pick for the best mini metal lathe under $1000 is the Erie Tools SP2102. Other models came close, but ultimately, it was the durability, ease of use, and functionality that set the SP2102 apart from other choices. In the end, this is truly one of the top models out there right now.

You can drill, turn and cut metal, wood, and plastic with immediate precision and flexibility. There is no difficulty in doing this, and whatever you choose to do with this beast, it will remain durable and strong.

The SP2102 comes with an excellent manual that adequately explains just how to use this machine and the many ways that you can use it. And when you finally start using it, you’ll find that it is designed with such precision and finesse, it’s actually difficult to be confused with regards to the many features that are available.

Finally, the Mophorn SP2102 is simply a great model that serves its purpose very well. Every power tool is made for a specific function, and this one is no exception. However, what separates it from the rest of the pack is the fact that this one happens to perform with such ease and flexibility that it is truly the best on the market.

3. Grizzly G8688 Mini Metal Lathe

Our runner-up for the best mini metal lathe that you can purchase in 2020 is the Grizzly G8688 Mini. This is an extraordinary machine that comes from Grizzly Industrial, a slightly lesser-known manufacturer that is recognized for quality products made from premium components and materials.

The G8688 Mini is made from strong, durable components that will last a long time. This is a hard-wearing model, and due to the quality of its pieces, it can handle just about anything that you throw at it. Much like the SP2102, it is a well-crafted machine, allowing you to cut, drill and turn metal, wood, and plastic with ease.

However, the reason that it is not our number-one mini metal lathe for 2020 is that it is, ultimately, a rather difficult product to use. It simply doesn’t feel right when you use it, and it can be a little tricky setting it up. Unlike the SP2102, this one lacks a strong and easy to use design. Other than that, though, it is a great mini metal lathe that we highly recommend! Just know that it isn’t always the easiest to use, and if you aren’t already intimately familiar with mini metal lathes, then you may have some trouble using the Grizzly G8688 mini lathe, because the design is slightly more complicated than most.

4. BestEquip Mini Metal Lathe

This isn’t a bad mini metal lathe, and for the most part, it works fairly well. It can cut, drill, and turn metal, wood, and plastic with relative ease, and it is by no means a difficult to use or poorly designed mini metal lathe. However, it isn’t in our top three for three reasons.

The first reason is that it is made of cheap and flimsy components. Simply put, it isn’t very durable and it probably won’t last you very long due to the aforementioned flimsy components. If you plan on buying a mini metal lathe that will actually last you a while, this definitely isn’t the one to buy. As such, this does affect our decision to have it as number-four, because durability is one of the big factors that we consider when it comes to any power tool.


Our second reason is that the motor stops at random times, and you need to wait a little bit, and then it’ll work again. We can only surmise that this is because of the poor quality of the components, which seems to include the motor, as well. This lack of stability is not something we were hoping for.

Finally, the third reason is that it just isn’t that great of a mini metal lathe. Yes, it does what it’s supposed to do, but only so well. There are many other models out there, and we’ve covered three of them. There is simply no reason to purchase the Best Equip Mini Metal Lathe when there are many other great models out there.

5. Shop Fox M1015 Mini Metal Lathe

Shop Fox is a brand that is known for making power tools of all sorts that work, but not very well. This is, sadly, the case with the M1015. Sure, it works, but just barely. It really isn’t worth a purchase.

First and foremost, it simply isn’t reliable. The motor often stops and starts up again. It seems to consist of some really bad components, and when it does work, it’s hard to use and the design and layout are ridiculously confusing.

That said, when it does work, it works well enough. Well enough to the point where it’s not at all worth the price, but it does perform its stated function. This is, of course, not nearly enough when it comes to a power tool – or any product at all, for that matter. And for that reason, we cannot recommend the Shop Fox M1015 due to the low-quality components, clunky design, and the fact that it rarely seems to work, much the less the way it’s supposed to work. If there is a good thing about this product, a silver lining, if you will, it’s that it sometimes works. Sometimes. Most of the time, it doesn’t. But sometimes, it does.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Mini Metal Lathe

For those who want to buy the best mini metal lathe, you should consider several factors to get a good quality machine, pay attention to the factors below:

1. Motor Power, it affects the use of electricity or electric power in your workplace and is recommended no more than 500 Watts. The motor power is important to figure out when you are dealing with hard metal. If you are going to machine soft metal, then the lower power is suitable. However, to machine hard metal, you have to purchase the greater motor power because it will help to generate greater torque.

2. Center Distance. It accommodates the capacity of the workpiece to be machined in the lathe. In our opinion, the best distance between the centers is about 1 meter. However, this is not an absolute number. You could choose the shorter one provided that you know what you do.

3. Spindle Speed. When the main motor spins, the rotation is transferred to the spindle. In this case, the spindle has some speed that is expressed in rotation per minute (RPM). For metal, it’s recommended between 50 – 2500 Rpm.

4. Reputable Brand. When you are still nowhere, a bit confusing to decide, you could rely on the brand. But, it’s not always true to be frankly. In this case, selecting the one with good brand helps you start looking. There are some popular brands out there that provide such this stuff.


So, have you found your best mini metal lathe machine? This mini metal lathe is great to use for a home shop that has a relatively smaller space. They also run in the residential electricity line because they don’t need power as much as the CNC lathe model.