Best Marking Gauge

Scribing on a metal plate could be a difficult task in the case if it needs to be the same distance to the edge of the working piece. This job can be done easily using the best marking gauge.

Manually, you would have to use a ruler and a marker to make a line (mark) but it takes time. Fortunately, there is a tool called a marking gauge. This is a tool for an easy, fast, and accurate way to make a line mark that is parallel to the edge line. In addition, this tool is designed with a reading scale to easily adjust the distance.

marking gaugeThis tool is commonly used in metalworking and woodworking for layout. So before cutting, a line can help you cut the workpiece accurately. The cutting piece can be a pin or blade depending on the object to be cut. There is also a variety of types available to select. The types and body parts will be discussed on this page.

There are lots of marking gauges on the market. However, what is the best one? In this blog post, we have a great day to share our findings with you of some best marking gauges on the market.

Top 11 Best Marking Gauge Reviews 2021

1. Clarke Brothers Wheel Marking Gauge [Best Overall]

The first one that we present is from the Clarke Brothers brand. It has an astonishing rating on the market and so do we. We like it. This is a wheel marking gauge model that comes with a single blade to scratch the mark.

If you require a marking gauge that can give you accurate and precise marking and measurements, you will find this set of marking gauges the best fit for your requirements.

This woodworking tool has a graduated bar, that ensures the perfect and accurate measurement of the wheel. The great advantage of this marking gauge is that the bar that is used to measure the wood, has both imperial and metric system of measurements. You can either measure the wood in inches or mm, just the way you want.

The bar is 6 inches long. However, this marking gauge is 8 inches in total. You will also get two steel cutters that work great for you to marks on the wood surface.


  • It will give you accurate measurements.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Saves time.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Made of high-quality brass, stainless steel, and aluminum.

2. Taytools Brass Wheel Marking Gauge + Micro Adjust Head

Precision is the key while cutting wood. In that case, you need a woodcutter that can provide you the best measurements. The Taytoolwheel woodworking marking gauge is known for the precise measurements it provides. It has a tail and the diameter of the brass rod is 1.625 inches. You will also find two cutters with it, that will provide you easier and comfortable handling.


  • Made of solid brass
  • Knurled adjustment knob enclosed
  • 2 additional cutters

3. Clarke Brothers Wheels Marking Gauge + Micro-adjust Brass

The second favorite is from the same brand as Clarke Brothers. This is another incredible wood marking gauge on the list. It has amazing functionality due to its two locking thumbscrews. One of the thumbscrews can act as the micro-adjust knob.

You can see the scale that is engraved on the bar for perfect measurement. It has a strong body, that is made of brass and hardened steel. This brass and the steel make it sturdy and robust, which ensures the durability of the body construction.

The body length is 7 inches long. It comes with two reserved steel wheel cutters. These steel cutters will help you to mark accurate lines due to rigidity.

One more thing that comes with the marking gauge is the two locking thumbscrews. The thumbscrews make sure that the measurement is up to the mark and the scale stays stable.


  • Easy handling
  • The setting process is simple
  • Steel beam prevents rotation
  • Easy to mark and take accurate measurements

4. Newkiton 1 Wheel Cutter for Soft Wood, 1 Locked Up [for Hard Wood]

While marking the wood, all you need is accuracy. You require a gadget that can provide you the best measurement, and which does not cost you a lot. You also require a robust and tough body to perform the measurement. So, you don’t end up with a broken one in the middle of measurements.

The Newkiton Wood marking gauge is the finest one. It comes with two different cutters; hence the functionality is increased. One cutter can be used to work with softwood. Whereas, the second one is meant for the hardwood. The scale on the wheel cutter is 8 inches long and ensures precision. In addition, the body is made of brass which makes it anti-corrosion and long-lasting.


  • 8-inch long steel rod for measurements
  • Faster and easier adjustments with the help of Knurled Knobs
  • 2 different cutters for distinct purposes

5. Tebisi Mortise Marking Gauge 8″ Ebony Wood

If you are looking for a small, lightweight, and easy to carry wood marking gauge; this Tebisi can help you the best. The design of it supports the amateurs and the professionals altogether. It can also be adjusted easily within the range of 6mm to 100 mm. This multi-functional tool is best to carry around if you do not want a heavy marking gauge.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy-grip
  • Made of brass and wood, which makes it durable
  • Multipurpose
  • Multi-functioning

6. Enpoint Ebony Mortise Marking Gauge 165 mm Brass Head

If you are looking for a small, lightweight, and easy-to-carry wood marking gauge; this Enpoint can help you the best. The design is appropriate for the amateurs and the professional altogether. It can also be adjusted easily within the range of 6 mm to 100 mm. Due to its weight, this woodworking marking gauge is recommended to be always in your woodworking toolbox if you do not want the heavy one.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy-grip
  • Made of brass and wood, which makes it durable
  • Multipurpose
  • Multi-functioning

7. Jessem Wood Sabre High-End Marking Gauge

If you want a perfect tool to pre-define and mark the position, where you need to cut the wood, the Jessem wood marking gauge is another top one. It will precisely and accurately mark the wood. So, there is less possibility of mistakes.

This Jessem wood tool is a high-end model. It looks like a caliper which means it comes with a scale to help you read the distance accurately. In addition, it’s comfortable to use. The heavyweight feels very convincing that it’s a high-quality one you will no hesitation to purchase. You can precisely and quickly adjust the rod by selecting one of the two methods of adjustment. The head is stainless steel and looks very solid.


  • Takes micro-adjustments and precise measurements
  • Quick and precise adjustment
  • High-quality
  • High-end model

8. iGaging 35-780 Digital Marking Gauge [Best Digital Marking Gauge]

The iGaging Accumarking gauge is another digital wood marking gauge that deserves to include in this listing. This iGauge product also offers measurement with quick reading and better accuracy. So, there is less chance of human error. Therefore, the measurement will be accurate without the user’s mistake. In addition, it will help in marking the depth and height with the help of this digital marking gauge.


  • Precise & Accurate measurements
  • Easy to read
  • Fast reading
  • Digital type

9. Wolfcraft 5221000 Marking Gauge [Worth to Mention]

This is the innovative one that we found on the market. It can turn your folding ruler into a marking gauge. It’s not only designed for straight-line marking but also for circular marking as well. So, it’s very versatile and interesting to share with you.

There is a center pin that acts like a pin in the geometry compass. It will be positioned at the center point. The clamp tightens the ruler. To mark the line, you could use a pencil or another kind of marker.

For line drawing, use oppositely against the way of circular drawing. Apply the clamp to tighten the folding ruler. And use a marker to put the drawing.

10. Malco A60 USA Made Marking Gauge [for Sheet Metal Scribe]

If you are going to scribe on metal, this tool can be used as a marking gauge for metal. According to the customer reviews, there are many people that use this scribe for sheet metal layout work.

Interestingly, you could put a straight line parallelly up to the 12-1/2″ depth from the mainline / edge. Adjust the distance by the knob. This one will make your life easier.

11. Crown Tools Rosewood Cutting Marking Gauge

This one utilizes a small knife to scratch instead of a pin. The knife can be sharpened as well. All the body seems rigid because it’s made from rosewood. Rosewood is great to use for durability because it is resistant to wear. The only cutting marking gauge is this Crown Tools product.

Body Parts of Marking Gauge

A marking gauge’s body part; no matter the type, can be divided into 4 major parts: spur, fence, stem, and thumb screw.

  1. Spur. This is the part of the marking gauge that functions to scratch the surface of wood or metal to put the linear mark. It can be a blade or pin-looking depending on the purpose. A strong spur is required when dealing with hard surfaces such as stainless steel.
  2. Stem. The spur is positioned at the edge of the stem. It can be said as the major body as well because it holds and connects all parts.
  3. Fence. This is the moveable part of a marking gauge. It’s the place for a thumb screw. To adjust the distance between spur and fence, simply move the fence.
  4. Screw Thumb. After adjusting the distance between the fence and spur, you could tighten the screw so that the fence doesn’t slip during the work.
  5. Screen. A typical digital instrument usually comes with a screen to display the reading. It goes the same with the digital marking gauge. The screen will show the distance reading so you can quickly read the number instead of reading the number on the stem.

Marking Gauge Buying Guide

There are several things that you could take into account during the selection of the best marking gauge. Here are some of them covered on the following list.

1. Marking Gauge Type

Currently, there are 4 types available to choose from:

  1. Wheel gauge. This is great to use for wood. The spur is a circular blade.
  2. Mortise gauge. This one has two spurs (a stationary and a moveable spur). You could set the distance between these two spurs as you want.
  3. Wheel mortise gauge. The combination between wheel gauge and mortise gauge results in wheel mortise gauge. There are two circular blades.
  4. Digital marking gauge. It looks like a depth gauge with digital reading. However, it features a pin as the spur.

2. Inch or cm

If you are living in the USA, the chance is you are very familiar with inch (imperial) reading. So, taking the inch marking gauge will fast up the reading. But, it’s our recommendation to take the inch and cm one. It’s versatile.

3. Material

Being aware of the body material will guide you to find the best marking gauge that will last for a longer time. There are several materials used to create marking gauges: wood and metal. Hardwood such as rosewood is commonly used to build the fence and stem. Rosewood is wear-resistant. Brass is also the lightweight material to be the fence.

4. Stem Length

You need to consider the stem length as well. A long stem is required to reach a longer distance.

Final Decision

We think that it’s not too complicated to land your choice in terms of selecting the best marking gauge. The stuff we enlist above is considered good by most buyers based on the customer reviews. But we highly recommend the Clarke Brothers. It comes with a set of tools, a high-quality build, and functions as you can expect.

Don’t forget to buy an engraving pen to mark your tools with your name so that it’s not easy to get lost or substituted. Just to add a piece of advice.

In addition, the scribers above may not suit metal marking and you need the one. For that case, this one may meet your need General Tools 820.