Best Magnetic Base Dial Indicator

The dial indicator can only be used vertically against the surface of the object being measured. Unfortunately, holding it with your hand is not a good idea. It will be a totally wrong way because it causes a big error. In this case, we require a stand.

Actually, the stand consists of a magnetic base. It will be sticky against the other ferrous object. Simply stick the magnetic base at the ferrous place and install the dial indicator. Once the position is appropriate, you could run the measurement.

This equipment is very essential for accuracy. Therefore, you have to consider the magnetic base quality. If it’s not strong enough to rigidly hold the stand, the measurement gets the impact. If the quality is good, it does not only support accuracy but also provide convenience.

If you are looking for a dial indicator plus the stand delivered in a single package, this post is for you. We cover 10 magnetic base dial indicators here.

Top 10 Best Magnetic Base Dial Indicator

1. Clockwise Tools DIBR-0105 Magnetic Base Digital Dial Indicator [Best Overall]

The best magnetic base dial indicator that we recommend is Clockwise Tools DIBR-0105. Let’s first talk about the magnetic base from this product. This model has the 2 faces of magnetic base and 176lbps of the magnetic power. The stand is grey and silver. This is a strong powerful magnetic base compared to the others.

The digital dial indicator has a wide display which has the feature of auto turn off after 5-7 mins. It saves the last measured value and while turned on it shows the last value taken by the instrument. Both the lug and flat back is available with this model. The magnetic base can fit both the digital and analog dial indicators.

This digital dial indicator has a measuring range up to 1″ and a resolution of 0.0005″ with an accuracy of ±0.001″. This is a very standard and definitive model in the market. Most importantly this model has the NIST traceable certificate which ensures that this digital DI is one of the most accurate instruments in the market.

Considering the price and packaging, this model has a very comfortable price range. Packaging weight is 4.2 pounds with a dimension of 4.9 x 2.2x 1 inches. If you are looking for an accurate, reliable, and comfortable price, we will strongly recommend this model. Besides, if you are looking for an analog dial indicator, we suggest you have a look at the next products that we are going to talk about.


  1. Very much accurate and easy to operate.
  2. Completely provided with a guide book makes the operation simpler and easier to access.
  3. NIST traceable certified.
  4. Comfortable price range.
  5. Digital readings make the calculation easier.
  6. The computer input system is available.


  1. When it auto shuts down, the taken zero references will be gone and the user will need to do the reference zero again.

2. All Industrial Tool Supply TR72020 Dial Indicator (Magnetic Base & Point Precision Inspection Set)

Our next pick is All industrial tool’s dial indicator with a magnetic base. This pretty red plastic molded box contains three types of precision equipment. There is a magnetic base, one dial indicator, and a box of 22 sets of plunger contact points.

The magnetic base is 130lbs of magnetic power which can hold any precision instrument. The attractive side of this model is the 22 types of contact points. These 22 pieces of contact points all are AGD (American gage design) standards. These sets of contacts can be operated in more than hundreds of precision measurement type.

The dial indicator comes with a measurement range of 0-1″ and a resolution of 0.001″. The materials, stainless steel, and the satin chrome finished body will ensure the mechanical long-lasting and stability. The packaging weight is 4.4 pounds with a dimension of 11.2 x 7.8 x 2.9 inches.

If you are looking for a geared dial indicator with a magnetic basement, we will strongly recommend this model for you. Because this instrument meets a very comfortable price range, accurate production, powerful magnetic base, and the best suggestion from the customer review too.


  1. Accurate, easy, and simple to operate.
  2. 22-pieces of contact points set.
  3. Cheap and quality products.


  1. No complete guide books. Therefore, it makes trouble first time while changing the contact points.

3. KHCRAFT Professional Dial Indicator Magnetic Base

Our next best pick KHCRAFT professional precision instrument. This model comes also comes with the 3 sets of precision tools, the magnetic base stand, 22 pieces of contact points, and a dial indicator.

The magnetic base is 130lbs powered with a strong rod and a dial holder. The magnetic power is very suitable to make a stable holding. 22 pieces of AGD standard contact point can be used in hundreds of precision measurements.

The dial indicator has the measuring range of 0-1″ and a resolution of 0.001″. The instrument is made of real steel hardened with satin chrome finished that ensures the stability and durability of the tools. Besides, the model has a lug back cover and a plain back cover.

Considering the price range this model can be the best suggestion for the buyers. The comfortable price will make you satisfied after buying this one. However, the accuracy is pretty good as like the others. The package is about 4.8 pounds of weight and an 11.2 x 7.8 x 2.9 inches of packaging size. This model and NORTOOLS dial indicator model is a pretty alternative to each other.


  1. Very cheap
  2. Accurate and easy operations.
  3. 22 pieces of the contact point set.


  1. No complete guide of the operations.
  2. Contact points are sticky and hard to adjust.

4. Nortools Dial Indicator, Magnetic Base and Point Set

Nortools dial indicator is similar to the Khcraft provided dial indicator with a magnetic base. Similar to KHCRAFT, NORTOOLS also provides three sets of precision tools. One of them is the magnetic base, one is the set of 22-pieces of contact points, and one is the dial indicator.


The magnetic base is 130lbs powered and made of stainless steel. The 22 different pieces of contact points can be used in different measurement processes. The only difference comes with the quality of the plastic box. The plastic box provided by the KHCRAFT is harder than that of the NORTOOLS. Besides, because of the magnetic base is heavy, the plastic box breaks inside while traveling by the couriers.

However, the other specifications such as the precision range, revolution, and accuracy all are similar to that of the KHCRAFT. The packaging weight is about 4.68 pounds and the dimension is 1.2 x0.8 x 0.3 inches. The NORTOOLS product can also be bought specifically, this is another upside from this model.

If you are looking for an alternative to the KHCRAFT model, we strongly recommend this model. Besides, comparing the price and accessibility,  this model can be a better choice for you.


  1. Single Products are available
  2. Accurate and easy to operate
  3. Very cheap


  1. No Guidebook for the operation
  2. Weak plastic packaging.
  3. The magnetic base is very heavy.

5. Grizzly Industrial G9849 Magnetic Base Dial Indicator [Second Best]

Grizzly industrials are one of the most famous manufacturers in the market. The product quality is very high and accurate. But when it comes to the other features, the top five products are ahead than grizzly products.

The magnetic base is similarly configured with the other models. There are 2 faces of magnetic operations. Simply by putting on and off, the magnetic base can be locked on and off when it needs to be.

The dial indicator has a precision range of 0-1″ and a resolution of 0.001″. The instrument is made of stainless steel and satin chrome finished which ensures the mechanical long life and the stability of the product. Besides, the packaging comes with a weight of 4.9 pounds and a size of 8 x 11.5 x 3 inches.

This model from Grizzly has a remarkable position in the market. Although there have few lacking, this product can be the best choice if you didn’t need the other extra features.


  1. Definitive, accurate, and simple
  2. Inexpensive, comfortable range.


  1. No extra features, such as the contact points.

6. Fowler 72-641-300-0 Flex Arm Base + Dial Indicator Combo

Our next best pick is from the Fowler High precision instruments. This model 72-641-300-0 has a unique style for the magnetic base. The flexible hand makes the operation easier and smoother.

The magnetic base is 85lb. powered pull. There is a red color knife switch that can be used to control the rigidity of the hand. Just by pressing up, we can adjust the position of the dial indicator. And then by pressing down, we can make the fixed position of the dial indicator. The magnetic base has 2 phases of operation. The left side refers to the turn-on of the switch and the right side is the off.

The indicator has a measuring range of 0-1″ and a resolution of .001″. Fowler offers this instrument with a 1-year warranty and a high precision guarantee. Besides, the metallic body and the geared function also ensures the mechanical long last and the stability of the product.

Considering the unique feature, and ease of access we recommend this model for you. But as the price is a little high, we can’t recommend this, because considering the price range we can get a better Dial indicator than this. But the flex arm feature is pretty unique among all.


  1. Unique and easy to operate.
  2. Accurate
  3. Offers 1-year warranty services.


  1. Weak magnetic power.
  2. Expensive compared to other models.

7. Tayloor Tool Works Magnetic Base with Fine Adjustment and SAE Dial Indicator

Next pick goes to the Tayloor tool works magnetic base Dial indicator. This instrument can be the best alternative product from Grizzly Production. This precision instrument has got a very powerful magnetic base of 176lb. pull and also is easy to operate. Simply by the turn on and off switch, we can fix the operation position. There is a simple positioning knob with the rods. Except for these, nothing special came with the magnetic base.

The dial indicator has a measuring range of 0-1″ and a resolution of .0005″.  This instrument is found accurate and moderate from the customer suggestion. It is made of steel, so it surely ensures long-lasting.

Considering the price range, this one is pretty good as an alternative to the grizzly Dial indicator. However, this one doesn’t come with a plastic box. Therefore, it can’t ensure its protection other than the operator finds a better way.


  1. Very much accurate.
  2. Simple magnetic base.
  3. Very powerful magnetic pull.
  4. Cheap price.


  1. No plastic case provided.
  2. Simple mechanical magnetic base.

8. Clockwise Tools DIMR-0105 Dial Indicator Gage Gauge and Magnetic Base

Another wonderful model that came from the clockwise production is this DIMR-0105. This precision model has a similarity with the magnetic base of the clockwise production DIBR-0105 model. The only difference is in their dial indicator.

As usual, the magnetic base is very powerful. It is about 176 lbs. of power. And it is not heavy and weak. It can hold both the digital and analog dial indicators. The dial indicator has a measuring range of 0-1″ and a resolution of 0.001″. Both the flat and lug back is available here. It operates a smooth operation.

If the demands go to the easy operation with modern technology, we suggest our top best clockwise instrument. But if you want to get your readings manually and with an analog device, we suggest this clockwise dial indicator. There’s no difference with the magnetic base. So the customer suggestion for both of them is the same. There’s only one downside from this model is, this instrument isn’t provided with a protective plastic box like the KHCRAFT or TOOLWorks do. On the other side, the top best product Clockwise DIBR-0105 also provides the instrument with a strong packaging system.


  1. Accurate, easy to read.
  2. Very powerful magnetic base.


  1. No plastic case
  2. No other accessories, such as 22 contact points set.

9. Fowler Full Warranty 52-520-199-0 Magnetic Base Dial Indicator

Our next best pick is this fowler precision instrument. This pretty black face dial indicator is another standard model in the market with a magnetic base.

The magnetic base is 85lb. powered with two adjusting knob. The 2 faces of the magnetic face help for a smooth operation simply by pressing on or off switch. The dial indicator has a measuring range of 0-1″ and a resolution of 0.001″. This instrument is suitable enough for any precision measurements.

This model is quite similar to the other fowler dial indicator. Their main difference is in their Magnetic base. If you want a fowler precision tool with a simple magnetic base, we recommend this model will be a better choice. But if you are looking for a unique feature we suggest the fowler flex magnetic base dial indicator.


  1. Accurate and easy to operate
  2. Strong plastic case which ensures the protection


  1. Weak magnetic power.
  2. Expensive compared to other models.

10. Starrett 711LCSZTCAL Last Word Dial Test Indicator with Attachments + NIST Certificate [Best Alternative]

A question that may come to our mind is that, we are ranking on the dial indicator with a magnetic base, but why we took a model that is not provided with a magnetic base? Well, we will say that you got the exact point.

This model from Starrett is very attractive and provided with a unique feature in it. One of them is it has an antique looking. It looks so professional and surely it is very much accurate. But it is not provided with a magnetic base. In replace of that this instrument is provided with various attachment tools, those are also eligible for any precision measurements.

Dial indicator is very much accurate, containing the measuring range of 0-1″ and a resolution of 0.0005″. The most attractive thing from this model is the NIST traceable certificate. This is the reason we put this model in our ranking.

Therefore, as this model is provided with a NIST traceable certificate, so someone from us may be looking for an alternative of the magnetic base. So we strongly recommend them to choose this model, we hope it will be your wisest decision.


  1. NIST provided tracabale certificate.
  2. Very much accurate and simple to operate.
  3. Attachment tools for various measurement operations.


  1. Super expensive compared to other models.

These ten products are the best in the market according to our points of view. Let’s see how we ranked them.

Things to Consider Buying Magnetic Base Dial Indicator

There are lots of products on the market. Few are new companies trying to get the market, some are old companies trying to keep up their positions. Including the new and old manufacturers, we ranked the above ten best products based on 5 important sides. In the following, we will brief them one by one.

  1. Accuracy: For any precision instruments, accuracy is mandatory. In this article most of our products have a resolution of 0.001″, this range is standard for any precision measurement. 0.0005″ graduation will be better for the more accurate product. Here most of the product has an accuracy of ±0.001″ which is also very much suitable for any precision measurement.
  2. Precision range: The precision range is the maximum distance up to which we can measure the value. In our ranking, all the products have the precision range between 0-1″ except for the ABN dial indicator whose measurement range is up to 0.4″.
  3. Magnetic base: As our today’s article is all about the magnetic base, so this part is very important to consider. Generally, a magnetic base is structured with a basement and an indicator holder. The important part we have to consider here is the magnetic power. Most of the magnetic base we took has the power of 130lbps, which is suitable enough to hold any precision instrument.
  4. NIST certification: NIST or National Institute of Science and technology who tests the dial indicators against the standard reference materials (SRMs). In this way, a precision instrument can meet the accuracy the same as the organization. So, the dial indicator containing the NIST certificate means that the product is the most accurate.
  5. Customer review: We all know that the customer review section from an online market contains the various comments from the buyer. These comments are the experiences of the buyers who already tested the instrument and provides a rating.


On the reviews above, you should have already seen the products and their specifications from different brands. You could now understand the difference between their different specifications. We can now understand the different factors on which we made the ranking.

In short, we love to recommend Clockwise Tools DIBR-0105 as the best magnetic base dial indicator. It’s not only digital but also provides satisfying measurement. The reading is quickly displayed on the screen, no need to calculate two scales. Another thing is the competitive price.

Make sure that you know the differences between the dial indicator and test indicator. This is to help you get the most suited indicator for your needs.

We hope this article will help you find the best product and make your research of dial indicator with magnetic base easier and faster.