Best Grease Gun Coupler

Lubricating can be frustrating. Especially when you have to lubricate a lot of grease fittings at a time. Having the best grease gun coupler tool will help you do the job fast, keep your hands clean, and surely no-mess up grease all over the place.

Once you’ve successfully reached out to the grease fitting and attached the grease coupler, just let it there and feel free no need to hold it. All you have to do is operating the grease gun.

Moreover, this tool will be highly helpful when you are facing a grease fitting located in a hard-to-reach place or narrow space. You know that greasing without the coupler will force you to keep pushing the end hose while struggling with tight space. This can be so much hurting.

On this occasion, this page could be a help for you. We have a selection of the 9 best grease gun couplers that you could choose from. On the list, you could see our review of its specifications. We also cover the summary of customer reviews.

Top 9 Best Grease Gun Coupler Reviews 2021

1. LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler [Best Overall]

LockNLube GC81011 is the best grease gun coupler on the market, even in the world, that we recommend in this first order. Compared to other products, it’s also considered as the most trusted by the customers due to its high ratings.

It’s versatile which means connectable to all types of grease guns and is compatible with all SAE and Metric grease fittings. So, by having one unit, you are able to use it whatever the grease gun you are currently using and whatever the grease fittings you will be facing.

Moreover, as it’s rated 10.000 psi, there is barely a limitation to use what type of grease gun you are preferred. It’s also supported by the strong jaws consisting of 4 rubber seals to lock on the coupler to the zerk. So, even though the pressure given by the grease gun is high, you are sure it can hold on and the grease properly goes in.

Another thing that we love is the spare parts that come along with the purchase. It provides a replacement for the jaws if it becomes worn out. So, you don’t need to buy it again. This is surely good because you can save money.

The only drawback that we spot is the diameter of the barrel which for some cases will be quite wide to enter recessed fitting. In terms of pricing, it costs more but gives you more return by saving more time and money. Overall, this is the first grease gun coupler that you have to check out before turn into the other couplers.

2. Lumax LX-1403 Flip Grease Gun Coupler

Similar to LockNLube above, this one provides you great benefits for grease-fitting lubrication. What makes it set apart is the pressure rating, the lever close-and-open mechanism, and a bit half an inch shorter.

As advertised, it can handle the pressure given by the grease gun up to 15.000 psi. So, it’s suitable for a high-pressure grease gun. The design is also simple. There is no spring lever, however, it works out properly as we sum up from the customer experience.

In terms of versatility, it can accommodate all grease guns. You are able to connect it to manual, pneumatic, and battery-powered grease guns. The jaws are also suitable for most zerks (standard models).

The only issue you may need to concern about is the end coupler diameter that connects to the zerks. It’s about 5/8 inch. As we predicted, there is an issue when it comes to grease closely spaced zerks. Therefore, by knowing the diameter, you could simulate whether this coupler suits you or not. If the space is sufficient even though it’s recessed, and the zerks are standards, it should work out.

3. LockNLube XL Extra Reach Grease Gun Coupler

LockNLube is a great brand to go for when buying a grease gun coupler. They know what people need. In this model, they offer the XL one with a longer barrel. It is 3.6inch (91 mm) in overall length, 2 inches longer than the regular LockNLube one.

So, when you are going to deal with deeply recessed grease fittings, then this what you need. It will help you gain more reach to the hard-to-reach fittings located in such as U joints, axles, shielded PTO shafts, harvester heads, etc. Once you get it, feel free and your hands just need to pump up the grease gun.

Don’t worry its outside diameter is only 1 mm bigger than the regular LockNLube grease coupler model. That’s not a big impact. It suits most grease fittings and has 1/8″ NPT thread which means suitable for most grease guns.

There are 4 rubber jaws that can be replaceable too. The replacement is available along with the package when you’ve purchased it. If you see it starts to leak, perhaps it has worn out, replacing the jaws with the new one can fix the problem instantly.

4. Utool Grease Gun Coupler

This can be the option if you are looking for an alternative. It comes at an affordable price. In case you are going to use the coupler not really often, then we suggest buying this one.

It’s rated 10.000 psi. However, we found the seller said it’s actually 12.000 psi rating. We never tried it but it makes sense since the diameter is quite larger in our view. Moreover, it is also bulky and heavy.

In terms of universality, there should be no issue. The thread is 1/8″ NPT that fits most grease guns. This coupler is also designed to fit most grease fittings.

Because it’s heavy and large, you may be confident using it with a high-pressure grease gun. However, it also possesses a drawback when it comes to grease the fittings located in tight space as it’s bulky. It’s up to your consideration.

5. Lumax LX-1400 Standard Grease Gun Coupler

Lumax LX-1400 is the best standard grease gun coupler. As you could see, there is no thumb lever available, just a tube coupler.

It’s a bit smaller than the other general couplers in terms of the outside diameter. You could use a caliper, and find it nearly 5/8″. And the maximum pressure it can handle is 4500 psi. Therefore, when you have to use this one, consider the pressure of the grease gun you’ll apply. That said, we recommend not to use the electric grease gun which is considered a high-pressure grease gun.

It can connect to all types of grease guns as it provides 1/8″ NPT female threads. Also, it’s workable for any grease fittings. Moreover, it’s zinc coated which is good to resist rusting.

The drawback of using this standard model is that you need a little more power to attach, push and lock on the jaws to the zerk fittings. The standard model needs you to push the jaws forward while the thumb lever model just needs you flip the thumb lever.

6. LockNLube LNL121 Slide On 90-Degree Grease Coupler

This one is kind of the extender for the grease gun coupler. When it’s impossible to greasing in a normal way, this extender will inject the grease from a 90-degree direction. So, when facing a super tight clearance, this is reliable to do that.

There is no need to unscrew the grease gun coupler. As said, this is such an extender. At the back, it’s a replicated zerk fitting in which the coupler will attach on.

Where is this tool positioned? Simple, the order is 1. the grease gun, 2. grease gun coupler, 3. this extender, 4. grease fitting. After you attach this extender to the fitting, and you’ve heard “click” sound, it’s ready to operate. If you are still confused, this video will help you.

7. Lincoln Lubrication 5883 Right Angle 90 Degree Coupler

Unlike LockNLube LNL121, Lincoln 5883 is a pure grease gun coupler. It doesn’t function as the extender but directly connects to the grease gun hose.

It supports all types of grease gun hoses because of the 1/8″ NPT female thread it provides. Also, it supports all types of grease fittings (standard grease zerks).

Most importantly is the design. Along with its size, it will allow you to use it to inject grease even though the grease fitting is located in a super tight space. You end up saving time and effort to finish all the jobs with ease.

However, it cannot support all types of grease guns because it’s only able to support injecting with less than 1.000 psi pressure.

8. Lumax LX-1404 Push On 90 Degree Grease Coupler

Another model of 90-degree grease gun coupler is Lumax LX-1404. This is also such an extender, doesn’t connect directly to the gun hose. The benefit is clear, in this model, you are allowed to reach hard targets in narrow clearance. According to the advertising, this model would be ideal for front and all-wheel drive vehicles.

The jaws consist of only 3 pieces of seal. Perhaps, it’s the reason why the maximum pressure it can withstand is only 4.500 psi. It’s recommend to control the grease gun pressure by about 3.000 psi. Having that said, it’s not compatible with any grease gun. Manual grease guns are preferred use.

You don’t need to screw it to the grease gun hose. Simply this one acts as an extender. Just push the spring-loaded barrel sleeve until the fitting comes up and your grease coupler can attach to it now. After properly locked on, let the barrel turns to its initial position due to the spring. Now you could attach this extender to the true grease fittings you are going to lubricate.

9. Lincoln Lubrication 58000 Lube Adapter Kit

The last option that we recommend is this Lincoln Lubrication 5800 lube adapter kit. It provides all the tools to help you finish your greasing job no matter the greasing problem you are facing. All types of couplers are available to allow you to choose which one suitable for the condition of your grease fitting.

It contains the Press on 90-degree lube tool, straight extension, 12-inch hose extension, slide on 90-degree coupler, right-angle coupler (reviewed at number 7 of the list above), rubber-tipped nozzle, needle nozzle, and 360-degree coupler.

However, this one is a bit more expensive but it’s reasonable. If you do lubrication very often, then we highly recommend this kit.

What is Grease Gun Coupler?

Grease gun coupler allows you to effectively lubricate grease fittings (zerks) with ease. There is no grease that escapes from the Zerks. In addition to the benefits, you don’t need to hold it while your second-hand pumping up the grease gun. You could now let both your hands pump the grease gun much more freely.

Thanks to the jaws. It’s the part of the grease gun coupler that attaches to the grease fittings, seals the connection, and locks them on. As a result, there will be no sliding and eff

Grease gun coupler comes in several models on the market. They vary based on the styles, pressure ratings, and configuration. They cost about $20-$30 per unit. If you lubricate frequently, this is a good investment that we recommend.

It’s absolutely very easy to use as it’s designed to make your life easier. But you need to wipe out the coupler first in order to get rid of dirt or any other unwanted substance that can get into the zerk fitting. This dirt can further stonewall the grease injection, damage the grease fitting, and cause leakage.

Grease Gun Coupler Buying Guide

1. Thread Size

Simply, the coupler should provide 1/8″ NPT thread in order to connect to the grease gun hose. This is important to be compatible with most grease guns (pneumatic, manual, and electric). Fortunately, most grease gun coupler has been designed with this thread.

2. Versatile to All Grease Fittings (Zerks)

Anоthеr imроrtаnt consideration while purchasing the grеаѕе guns coupler is thе grеаѕе fittingѕ you are going to lubricate. Thеѕе must have a ball check in thе hеаd to рrеvеnt duѕt аnd contaminants. Thе bаll сhесk роintѕ саn hеlр provide a соnnесtiоn bеtwееn the fitting and соuрlеr оf the gun.

The grease gun coupler should be compatible with all types of international standard zerk fitting: SAE, metric, etc. So one grease gun coupler could handle multiple works in a row without the need to continuously change the coupler.

As our observation from the customer reviews, we see that most couplers are made to fit all fittings. So you could actually pick up any one of them as long as your fittings are the standard ones.

3. Pressure Rating

It means the recommended and the maximum pressure it’s operatable. For example, the recommended and the maximum pressure it can handle are respectively 8.000 psi and 10.000 psi. If you use the grease gun that’s able to press the lubricant more than 10.000 psi, the chance is the grease will leak even damage the coupler.

If your coupler is able to handle 10.000 psi, it can commonly be operated with an electric grease gun. However, if it’s less than that, the manual is suitable for that.

4. Jaws / Rubber Seals

In our opinion, the more it has, the better. If there are 4 seals rather than 3 seals, it’s a sign of strong locking capability. Strong lock means less chance to occur grease leakage while injecting the grease. Moreover, it’s able to hold high pressure from the grease gun. When you decide to buy your best grease gun coupler, perhaps this one should be considered.

5. The diameter of the Barrel

In some cases, you need to grease the zerks which are tight-spaced. The space is too narrow and you are too beginner to do that. In this case, the small diameter of the coupler barrel will suit tight space. Even, there can be two fitting which are located near each other, a large-diameter coupler could not afford that.

6. Model

Grease gun couplers come with different models to accomplish different fitting conditions. There are conventional coupler, thumb lever, 90-degree push-on model, 90-degree slide-on, and 360-degree swivel. A 90-degree coupler model will suit more tight space. You need to learn what model you actually need.

7. Grease Gun You are Currently Using

The pressures еxеrtеd by thе gun аrе equally imроrtаnt tо bе nоtеd. Sоmе bеаringѕ саnnоt bеаr pressure in thе extent of 500 psi. Nаturаllу, if you uѕе a gun hаving an оutрut of 7500 рѕi thе bearing lip can bе dаmаgеd. Furthеrmоrе, ѕоmе bеаringѕ mау bе placed in difficult-to-access areas; naturally, you need tо lооk fоr a gun coupler thаt саn hеlр уоu rеасh ѕuсh hаrd targets.


Grеаѕе guns coupler should be one of thе main раrt оf your рrоfеѕѕiоnаl mechanical maintenance tool kit. With thе uѕе оf thеѕе, уоu can еаѕilу lubriсаtе уоur pieces of equipment аnd vеhiсlеѕ. They аррlу рrеfесt injecting of grease into your grease fittings. It highly makes your life easier.

So, what is the best grease gun coupler?

Overall, what we do recommend you to buy is the regular LockNLube grease gun coupler. Whether you are a bit confused about what to choose from because this is your first purchase of grease gun coupler or you are the legend in this area, this is well worth the money for you. You have to collect it at least one unit in your toolbox. It does the job very well, reliable, versatile, durable, and comes with a back-up seal kit.