Best Endmill Machine

An end mill is used in industrial milling applications which is a type of milling cutter or cutting tool. A drilling machine can only cut in the axial direction. On the other hand, the milling machine can cut in all directions where some can’t cut in all directions. End mills are a type of cutting tool which is used in profile milling, face milling, tracer milling, and plunging.

While an end mill machine is designed to machine those cutting tools, endmills. It produces endmills made from stainless steel or carbide.

In this article, we will research the best end mill machines to buy. Considering on following aspects we will pick the top best 5 end-mill machines. From workshop experiences and mechanical bits of knowledge, we will find the best choice for the buyers. we will consider the following aspects to choose the endmill machine for stainless steel :

  1. Customer review
  2. Machine Power
  3. Automatic control systems
  4. Variations in the speeds

The following table will show us an overall idea of various brands and their specifications. We will get an approximate idea of the products looking over the table. After that, we will shortly review each of the products. We will then find the new points to be noted while buying the machines. So, let’s dig in.

Top 5 Best End Mill Machine

1. Huanyu ERM-12A End Mill Re-sharpening Machine

Our Best pick is Huanyu ERM-12A. This Chinese company generally provides instruments and tools and voltage customized services. Huanyu ERM-12A brought up two models of grinding wheel option, CBN or SDC. CBN is generally used to grind the high-speed steel material, on the other hand, SDC is used for grinding the alloy tungsten steel material. It has precise grinding assurance about 0.01mm which is a highly precise measurement.

Huanyu ERM-12A has the powerful 300 watts of the motor, provides the rotational speed up to 6000 RPM. The speed can be variably changed. There has 2,3,4 number of flutes and  ø2- ø12 mm of cutting tool thickness. With a dimension of 290x 260x 230 mm of size, this machine is only 15 kg in weight.

Both from reliability and accessibility, we recommend this model to choose. Considering the price, the features are all suitable for any Endmill sharpening.


  1. High Precision.
  2. Accurate
  3. Easy to access.


  1. Expensive

2. GSC-TW GS-6

Our second pick is GSC-TW GS-6. It has the precise grinding result and assurance within 0.02mm, where the Huanyu model has about 0.01mm. Center cutting is available and we will get a high accuracy balance between each flute of the end milling tool sharpening.

GS-6 has AC 110V and AC 220 V (opt) of power supply, provides any variable speed up to 5300 RPM which can be variably changed. With a dimension of 300x 245x 325 mmm of dimension, this model is 15 kg in weight. There has 2, 3,4 number of flutes and ø2- ø12 of the thickness of the endmill tool.

This model is a complete feature of an endmill machine. If the buyer needs a basic size of the tool they may choose this one. Highly reliable and convenient to use.


  1. Easy to operate, grinding one end within 1 minute.
  2. High Accuracy alloy steel.
  3. High-efficiency DC motor.
  4. Comfortable price range.


  1. Provided collets flute holder is not detailed.

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3. Gamor Apollo 22

Gamor Apollo 22 came up with some wonderful machine features. This Spanish company released a few other drilling machines in the market. Among them, Apollo 22 is one of the best products selling recently.

300 watts of the motor is considerably enough to perform any strength of the cutting tool. With a 300 x 300 x 280 mm of dimension this machine is only 12 kg of weight. Rotational speed can reach up to 6900 RPM which is an attractive feature for this brand. This machine can perform 2,4 of cutting flutes with a range from  ø12 to 22 mm thickness of the tool.

If the buyer focuses on the accessibility and reliability, this Gamor Apollo 22 will be the best choice for them. Drill diameter is important to notice for this product, the rest of the features are good to go.


  1. Accurate
  2. Easy accessibility.
  3. Good reviews from the buyers.


  1. Sharpening thickness is big.
  2. The price limit comparatively high.

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4. Tech-craft Engineering Solutions GD-313C

Techcraft GD-313C is another wonderful model came in the recent market. GD-313C can not only grind the bottom of the tool but also cut the collapsed blade. The left side of the machine is used to grind the bottom of the knife tool, and the right side is used to cut the invalid blade. GD-313C can also change the sharpening way and the problem of processing.

GD-313C has 300 watts of motor power which provides variable speed ranges up to 5000 RPM. The speeds can be changed according to the user’s requirements. With a dimension of 370x 195x 230 mm in size, this model has 16/20 kg of weights. Comparing with other models this one is pretty heavy to carry.

GD-313C has a unique feature than the other model, which is, it has 2,3,4,6 number of flutes of cutting the knife. The thickness ranges from ø2- ø12 m. Like other models, this one has also 2 models in type. CBN is used to grind the high-speed steel material, SDC is used for the tungsten alloy steel.


  1. Operating is convenient quick, time-saving.
  2. Accurate


  1. The price range is high.
  2. Heavy

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5. Mascot CNC Tools YN-01A+

Mascot CNC Tool is one of the recent companies in the market. YN-01A+ model has similar features comparing with other models. It has a twist drill, center drill, DG drill, SG drill or cutting type. Tool materials are Stainless Steel and carbide.

YN-01A+ has 200 watts of motor power normally provides the rotational speed up to 5500 RPM with a variation of 5% of the speeds. The speed can also be variably changed according to the user’s needs. With a dimension of 330x 175x 208 mm in size, it is about 15 kg in weight.

There are 2 flutes of the cutting tool and the thickness can work up to  ø2- ø12 mm. The standard parts are collet ER20, collet SG ER20, Grinding wheel, Allen key, Extension holder, etc.

Pros :

  1. Accurate and Easy to operate
  2. Comfortable price range.


  1. Weak powered motor.
  2. The number of flutes is not enough to work all kinds of end mill tool.

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Buying Guide

The products in the market have a different purpose while making them. Lots of operators have lots of uses. From them, we need to judge which of the products is suitable. In this article, we discussed the general workshop used end-mill machines. While buying the machine one must follow a sequence of points from the specifications. These points are very important to consider while choosing a machine. Let’s have a glance at them.

  1. Motor: The higher power motor can operate more pressure in the machine. Generally, 200W to 300W is suitable for endmill machines.
  2. Rotational Speed: We know the more RPM the more smooth will be the surface of the workpieces. RPM is very important for these Metalworking machines. Generally, from 5000 to 7000 RPM is the best to choose for the endmill machines.
  3. The number of flutes: To choose the number of flutes depends on the customer’s product. A customer may not have a demand for so many categorized knife. For them, the basic flutes are enough to reach the demand.
  4. The thickness of the cutting tool: Choosing the thickness feature also depends on the customer’s desired product.
  5. Price: Price is a fact always. Generally, more the feature higher the price, so we recommend identifying the need first, and then choose the best one. Cause we know saving money is the ultimate target of the profit.


Considering the above pieces of information, we hope we could describe well enough to understand the end-mill machines. These are the information we collected from the official website of the product. We identified the basic difference in their specifications, considering the mechanics’ sense we distinguished the best serial. Finally, we tried to make your research easy and convenient. So, best of luck on your journey.