Best Edge Finder

Edge finder is a tool that is used with a milling machine or a lathe to find the workpiece edge. For metalworkers, this tool is important to give accuracy and precision.

These are some of our favorite edge finders that you could own as well. Interestingly, you could buy it easily online.

1. Starrett 827A Edge Finder 0.375″ Body Diameter 0.2″ Contact Diameter

This is a very good made-in-USA edge finder. The construction material is steel. It will last for a long period of time. It’s smooth. The shank diameter is 0.375″, while the contact diameter is 0.2″.

2. Brown & Sharpe 599-792-2 3/8″ Shank Diameter 0.2″ Head Diameter

You will love this one. It’s made of HRC steel 58 grade which is excellent to increase durability. Smooth and accurate. The body diameter is 3/8″ and the contact diameter is 0.2″.

3. Mitutoyo 050101, Edge Finder, 3/8″ Dia. Shank, .200″ Dia. Tip

Affordable, steel, fully hardened and ground, this makes a nice economical choice for you.

4. Mitutoyo 050103, Edge/Center Finder, 3/8″ Diameter Shank, 0.200″ Diameter Tip

This is a combination of edge finder and center finder. The tapered piece is used as the center finder, while the cylindrical piece is vice versa. Mitutoyo is known as the company and manufacturer of high precision measuring tools. This little stuff must be reliable for your work.

5. Fowler Full Warranty 54-575-600-0 Electronic Edge Finder with Cylindrical Tip, 0.200″ Stylus, 1/2″ Shank

Manufactured in the USA, this is a digital edge finder that will complete the task more easily. It will emit the red light when the contact piece touches the edge of the given workpiece as long as it’s a conductive material. Feel confident with its one year warranty. This is the best electronic edge finder that we recommend you to buy.

6. Trolleyshop New Led Beep Touch Point Sensor Precision Locate Working Electronic Optical Edge Finder CNC Lathe Machine Machinist Mill w/Original Box

The same with the Fowler above, this is also an electronic edge finder that will do the job more quickly. The light will turn on and the beep tone will sound to indicate the stylus is touching the edge.

7. Fowler 52-575-025 Combo Edge and Center Finder, 0.5″ Diameter x 0.200″

It’s absolutely a wise choice to have a tool with two functions altogether. Fowler 52-575-025 edge center finder is designed to provide great accuracy (±.00006″) and resolution (.00001″). As usual, Fowler products come with one year warranty.

8. 3/4” Shank 4”L Precision Electronic Edge Finder CNC Milling Machine lathe

The contact round diameter is bigger than the others. Moreover, it’s equipped with red light to signal the user that it’s contacting. The drawback is no beep sound or the similar. Overall, this could be a good purchase you might want to try.

9. Brown & Sharpe 599-792 Edge Finder Single

The types of edge finders vary according to their shapes. And this is the general one. However, it provides better resistance against wear and rust due to its material made of Hardness Rockwell C (HRC) 58-rated steel. It seems that the typical Brown & Sharpe edge finder always uses this steel type.

10. HAIMER Edge Finder Universal 3D Sensor – Inch Version

Getting trouble with rotating edge finder? Even the more simple tool like the digital edge finder? Haimer 3D sensor can make your life easier. I will easily detect the 3D (X, Y, and Z-axis) position of a workpiece. This is absolutely our favorite xyz edge finder.


So, which one is your choice? There are several models available from the manual to the electronic one that releases sounds. That’s totally up to your decision. This page is just a collection of our findings of the best edge finders on the market. Hopefully, this list can help you start your edge finder search with. Thank you.